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The site is dedicated to the life and legacy of the personality of the holy noble Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky and his veneration in the Nizhny Novgorod land, where the prince finished his earthly journey, accepting the schema in the Gorodetsky Feodorovsky monastery.

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Battle on the Ice

April 5, 1242

the battle that took place on the ice of Lake Peipsi with the participation of Novgorodians and Vladimir residents under the leadership of Alexander Nevsky, on the one hand, and the troops of the Livonian Order, on the other

Сalendar of events

Concert hall on the water "Strelka" in the framework of the project "Vityaz of the Russian Land"
The most atmospheric stage in summer Nizhny Novgorod, located on the Strelka, unites the stage and the auditorium for 800 seats. The place for the concert hall was not chosen by chance: it was here, at the confluence of the Oka and Volga, at the foot of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, A. Nevsky, returning from the Horde with his small detachment, decided to change the route and go to Gorodets. Today the largest in the Volga Federal District, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, has been built on this site. The concert program of the stage on the water will include works associated with the name of the Grand Duke. It is planned that the symphony orchestra of the Nizhny Novgorod State Academic Philharmonic named after M. Rostropovich will perform for Nizhny Novgorod residents and guests of the city S. Prokofiev's cantata "Alexander Nevsky".
Festival "Dedication" in the framework of the project "Knight of the Russian Land"
A large-scale event project, within the framework of which lighting designers and specialists in the field of audiovisual art from all over the world will transform the architectural appearance of the central square of Nizhny Novgorod, and contemporary historians, writers, museum workers and teachers of Russia will tell about Alexander Nevsky and his significance in the history of the country. The educational part of the festival will allow you to take a fresh look at the biography of Alexander Nevsky, at the history of the country as a whole, and at the issues of patriotic education and the preservation of historical memory among the younger generation. Modern formats involve interactive communication that goes beyond the statement of biographical facts from history textbooks. All educational activities will be open to the public and take place during the day. It is assumed that the leading educational platforms within the framework of the festival will be: the Nizhny Novgorod branch of the Center for Contemporary Art "Arsenal", the multimedia park "Russia is my history" and other institutions. In the evening, Minin and Pozharsky Square and the territory of the Nizhny Novgorod Fair will turn into a center of attraction for light, colorful large-scale video projections will unfold on their cult buildings, fabulous installations will illuminate Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street, and fantastic multimedia shows using light, fire, lasers and fireworks will give unforgettable impressions and vivid emotions ... Participants of educational programs and multimedia shows: 1000 people (students of schools, colleges and universities, teachers, historians, directors and designers of multimedia shows) Viewers: more than 10,000 people in 3 days.
Interregional festival of historical reconstruction "Battle of the Neva"
A festival that allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of life and everyday life of our ancestors in the 13th century. - during the reign of Alexander Nevsky. At the festival site, residents of Nizhny Novgorod and guests of the city will be able to see spectacular battles of the warriors of Russia. During 2 days of the festival in Victory Park there will be single battles, archery and equestrian tournaments, mass battles, costume processions, sports competitions for everyone, a fair of stylized medieval goods (clothing, souvenirs, jewelry, belongings), products of the National Art and Design Institute and DPI, traditional games and fun of Kiev and Vladimir Rus, master classes from the clubs of historical reconstruction and craftsmen of arts and crafts, a field kitchen will work. In the evening, the space of the festival site will appear before the audience in the light of burning torches, where incendiary dancers will carry away into the world of fire with a beautiful theatrical show. Participants: 700 people (historical reconstruction clubs, sports clubs, creative teams and performers, craftsmen of arts and crafts and NHPs, representatives of shops with themed goods of the Middle Ages. Viewers: 7000 people. in 2 days.
Creation of the memorial complex of the national treasure to them. Alexander Nevsky on the basis of the estate of the merchant Krasavin
The purpose of creating a memorial complex is the development of the Nizhny Novgorod region and its origins - the ancient Volga city of Gorodets, which claimed at the end of the 13th century. for the role of the capital of the Russian state and which today has every reason to become the pearl of the regional tourism and recreation industry, the center of spiritual culture and pilgrimage of Orthodox believers around the world. This complex will become a multicomponent system of developing environments that form a moral, creatively active, constructive personality. It is planned to create new modern fund storages and expositions, storing and popularizing cultural heritage, using information technologies, educational expositions and operating laboratories: - laboratory of historical and cultural research; - archive-fund laboratory; - gallery of fame "Defender of Faith and Fatherland"; - Museum-reading room "Kinopolozhnitsa". Spectators: residents of the Nizhny Novgorod region, tourists.
All-Russian youth educational Alexander Nevsky forum "We live for Russia!" with international participation
The purpose of the Forum is the patriotic, spiritual and moral development of the youth leaders of Russia on the example of Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky - a wise ruler, invincible warrior, subtle diplomat, faithful family man and saint. The forum accumulates the forces of leaders of youth public organizations and patriotic associations of the Russian Federation to create socially useful projects. Representatives of churches named after the holy blessed Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky from all over the world will be invited to the festival to coordinate issues of joint programs and projects to popularize Alexander Nevsky among the youth of Russia and friendly countries (more than 1,500 churches in honor of the holy prince have been erected in the world). The Forum is planned to be divided into thematic platforms for the glory of Alexander Nevsky: Ruler, Warrior, Diplomat, Family Man, Saint. Each site of the festival will be filled with its own content with a multi-format program: trainings, master classes, business games, management fights, training trips, historical reconstructions, and festive concerts. Duration of the Forum: 7 days. Total number of participants: 3000 people.
All-Russian youth patriotic project "Alexander Nevsky - Glory, Spirit and Name of Russia" *
The goal of the project is to form a modern patriotic educational environment on the example of the personality of Alexander Nevsky and the best people of our Fatherland. Stage I - the creation of patriotic creative works (videos, cartoons, video reports, author's songs, poetry, photographs, drawings, posters, essays, etc.) with their placement on the Internet. Project website: By 2021, it is planned to create more than 10,000 author's creative works from more than 50 regions of Russia. Stage II - holding a patriotic campaign in the regions of the Russian Federation "Be worthy of the memory of the Great Ancestors" with the presentation of the Alexander Nevsky ribbons in the days of memory of the Grand Duke (September 12, November 27, December 6, April 18, May 26, June 12, July 28). Number of campaign participants: 150,000 people. Stage III - All-Russian youth creative festival "Alexander Nevsky - Glory, Spirit and Name of Russia". Festival participants are young authors of the best creative works from different regions of Russia (singers, musicians, poets, artists, directors, bloggers, photographers, writers, etc.). Within the framework of the festival, a solemn procession “Alexander Nevsky. Remember. We believe. We honor. " Number of festival participants: 350 people
Gorodets Film Festival in memory of the Holy Blessed Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky
The purpose of the Festival is to popularize Russian patriotic short films and support their creators - young talented directors, screenwriters, cameramen and actors. As part of the main competition of the Festival, the best works of various genres will be presented, aimed at a wide audience. The competition program, consisting of 20 short films, will be watched simultaneously by 30,000 people. from 52 districts of the Nizhny Novgorod region. As part of the film festival, master classes from leading producers, directors, screenwriters, sports tournaments, quests, competitions, creative meetings between authors and spectators, a hockey friendly match with movie stars, as well as a screenplay competition for feature films will be held. Famous actors will perform at the evening events. Number of star guests: more than 50 people
Regional forum for managers "Alexander Nevsky - an example of serving the Fatherland in the cause of national conservation and national effectiveness."
The forum is dedicated to the discussion of global processes, world politics, problems of public administration and is aimed at developing the skills necessary for public administrators, as well as discussing value approaches to responsible management on the example of the personality of Alexander Nevsky. The forum participants will have an opportunity to find like-minded people from all over the country and learn how to reach agreement on extremely complex and controversial issues of public policy. The Forum implies holding lectures, seminars, trainings to improve the quality of organization and management in accordance with the messages of the President of the Russian Federation and modern world challenges. Duration of the Forum: 3 days. Number of participants: more than 500 people.
International Diplomatic Conference “Alexander Nevsky. Between East and West "
The purpose of the Conference is to unite diplomats under the banner of Saint Prince Alexander Nevsky for the joint implementation of spiritual, educational, social, economic and other projects that contribute to the strengthening of Russia in the international space. Participants: diplomats of the Russian Federation and China, representatives of the Russian Diplomatic Academy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, veterans of the diplomatic service, teachers, students of the faculties of international relations of universities in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia and friendly foreign countries, representatives of the cities of glory of Alexander Nevsky, Rossotrudnichestvo, trade missions, foreign cultural centers, etc. ... Within the framework of the project, it is planned to create a permanent exhibition dedicated to two great diplomats who are forever connected with the Nizhny Novgorod land - the holy noble Prince Alexander Nevsky and Archimandrite Peter Kamensky in the Alexander Nevsky Church in Wuhan, China. Number of forum participants: 500 people.
Interregional conference for military personnel and employees of power structures and departments "Alexander Nevsky - the banner of our victories!", Dedicated to the Day of Military Glory of Russia
The purpose of the Conference is to raise the spirit of the Russian army using the examples of our glorious history. The speakers of the conference will be members of the Academy of Military Sciences, representatives of the Ministry of Defense, leading scientists of universities and research institutions dealing with defense issues, heroes of Russia, veterans, students of military schools, cadet classes, youth soldiers of the Nizhny Novgorod region and the cities of glory of Alexander Nevsky. Within the framework of the project, a youth cycling marathon "Heirs of Victory" will be held, dedicated to the Victory of our people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Number of participants: 1000 people
Interregional educational forum for young fathers and their families "Live like Nevsky"
The purpose of the Forum is to increase the importance of responsible and active fatherhood in Russian society, as well as to consolidate the church, society, government and business in order to develop effective legal and organizational measures, a unified position on the implementation of state family policy. The Forum will become a platform for the exchange of positive Russian and international practices to improve the demographic situation, support fatherhood and protect traditional family values. Duration of the Forum: 2 days. The program includes educational, cultural and sports activities for fathers and their families. Number of participants: 500 people
All-Russian Youth Festival of Choral Performing Arts "Alexander Nevsky Choral Cathedral".
The collection of youth choirs from different regions of the country at the end of the earthly journey of the holy prince Alexander Nevsky is intended to symbolize the unity of Orthodox people, their love for the Fatherland, to show an example of patriotism for our youth. The Alexander Nevsky Choral Cathedral will become a musical tribute to the great noble prince, the defender of the Russian land, popularly recognized as a symbol of Russia. Framed Number of participants: 1000 people
Regional youth combined tourist and research expedition "From Alexander Nevsky to the heroes of the People's militia"
The project is aimed at developing among the young generation the best spiritual and moral qualities inherent in the holy noble Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky, as well as the leaders of the People's Militia of 1612 - citizen Minin and Prince Pozharsky. The participants of the cycling expedition are young people from 18 to 35 years old. The route of the cycling expedition is 180 kilometers of roads along the route: Gorodets - Purekh - Balakhna - Nizhny Novgorod - Balakhna - Gorodets. In 7 days, the children will visit the holy and historical places of the Nizhny Novgorod region associated with the names of Alexander Nevsky, Kozma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky. Along the way, the participants will visit local history and local history museums, Orthodox churches. In addition, cyclists will be able to share new knowledge and experiences with young people at meetings in patriotic clubs and at a concert that will be held at the veterans' house. The culmination of the entire cycling expedition will be a solemn meeting of the participants of the trip on the National Unity Square in Nizhny Novgorod at the monument to Minin and Pozharsky. One of the highlights of the action will be a theatrical performance with the participation of reenactors of historical times Alexander Nevsky, Kozma Minin and Prince Dmitry Pozharsky, heroes of the Patriotic and World Wars. At the monument to Kozma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky, a patriotic campaign "Be worthy of the memory of great ancestors!" Will take place, thanks to which each person will have a unique opportunity to thank their glorious ancestors and heroes for everything they have done for our Motherland.
Regional Sports All-Around Tournament for the Challenge Cup of the Holy Right-Believing Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky
The purpose of the Tournament is to prepare young men for the future marriage and family life through the example of the Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky. The Tournament is attended by boys of 9-11 grades from 52 districts of the Nizhny Novgorod region. Team composition: 6-8 people. Participants of the Tournament compete in volleyball, swimming, chess, table tennis, shooting, orienteering, team relay races and in knowledge of the History of the Fatherland. The tournament will be held in 3 stages: district, zonal and regional (final). The final stage will take place at the Alexander Nevsky sports complex in Gorodets. In the final program, in addition to the main sports competitions, young men will present the business cards of their region and take part in the educational program "School of Courage". Number of participants: 5000 boys.
Development and testing of regional, interregional (national) routes dedicated to the life and work of A. Nevsky
Research work, preparation of teaching materials, publication of literature on topics related to the name of A. Nevsky.
Promotion of the national tourist route "The Roads of Alexander Nevsky" and regional routes, museums, attractions, admission programs dedicated to A. Nevsky in Russia and abroad
Creation of a website and a mobile application, a series of video clips about routes and attractions associated with A. Nevsky in Russian, English and Chinese, as well as travel guides. Placing information in the media and in onboard magazines, conducting promotional and informational tours for tour operators and media, bloggers.
Interregional patriotic relay marathon "Nevsky Put"
The route passes through the cities of glory of Alexander Nevsky: Gorodets, Vladimir, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Veliky Novgorod, Pskov, St. Petersburg. The marathon is relay race, multi-format: participants cover the distance on bicycles, cars, motorcycles, as well as in rafting format. Participants of the marathon of one city solemnly hand over the baton and the banner of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky to the next city. Throughout the journey, the marathoners are accompanied by the team of the Nizhny Novgorod region. The total length of the distance is 2000 km. Participants: youth, adults - residents of the Nizhny Novgorod region and cities of glory named after the holy noble-believing Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky. Each city hosts a variety of events: round tables, creative meetings, concerts, exhibitions and lecture halls. Number of participants: 2000 people Number of city residents, public, patriotic and veteran organizations involved in the project: 20,000 people.
Manufacturing and installation of a monument to the holy blessed prince Alexander Nevsky
Renovation restoration work of the Cathedral of the Holy Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky in Nizhny Novgorod
Repair restoration work of the chapel of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky Church in honor of the Praise of the Most Holy Theotokos
Repair restoration work of the church in honor of the holy blessed Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky
Exhibition of archival documents dedicated to the 800th anniversary of St. Alexander Nevsky "Defender of the Fatherland"
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Map of churches, chapels and monasteries of Alexander Nevsky

1,740 churches and monasteries around the world

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Address of His Grace, His Grace Augustine, Bishop of Gorodetsky and Vetluzhsky on the day of commemoration of the holy noble Prince Alexander Nevsky

Generals of Russia. Alexander Nevskiy. Documentary film

Generals of Russia. Alexander Nevskiy. Documentary film

The Legend of Alexander Nevsky. Historic crossroads | National project Culture

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